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spacer Mary Beth Vanderlinden is an Ordained Minister and internationally known as a powerful
Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher. She became aware of her healing gifts at an early age,
and went on a life-long journey to develop what Spirit had given her. But not
without some major bumps in the road, like car accidents, brain injuring falls, and being
homeless after an injury took her from work, each of these moving her into a deeper level
of understanding of the healing process and Spirit’s ability to heal all aspects of us.
Mary Beth personally believes that all healing is a gift from God available to each
every one of us. 

While Mary Beth has “checked the boxes,” becoming certified in all levels of Reiki,
Energy Medicine, Intuitive and Reconnective Healing via some of the most well-known
teachers today, she has been developing her personal methodology
since she was five years old. Today Mary Beth helps others to discover their own
healing gifts.


Mary Beth is a passionate, down-to-earth, and transparent teacher who certifies healers
in her Awakened Healer Certification Program to use the God Light Transformation™
methodology that spirit has guided her to share with the world in this stage of her journey.




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spacer The first time I performed a healing I ‘laid hands’ on a woman at the church of a Pastor
I babysat for. I followed what I was drawn to do and placed my hand over a large,
raised purple welt on the arm of this woman named Joanne who was in a wheelchair.
In a few minutes she asked me to move my hand and said I was burning her arm.
I was surprised and moved my hand and saw what looked like a branded handprint
on her arm. In my mind I visualized a pile of gray ashes under her skin and the purple
welt was gone. A few days later the Pastor told me that Joanne’s cancerous tumor
had disappeared.

I was twelve years old and had actually never heard of cancer.

I was definitely born to heal and was given many opportunities to practice and develop
my skills, starting with being hit by a car at five years old and seeing myself lying there
from up above my body. Shortly after this I started seeing ribbons of colors and lights,
and a system of grids that I could weave with my mind.

I was seventeen before I knew that this system had to do with healing. Over the years
it’s grown into a system I now know as God Light Transformation™.

By age twenty-three I’d been getting regular migraines, and doctors discovered that
my earlier accident had caused my neck to essentially grow backward. It was at this
point my guides appeared and began to tell me what to do to heal myself.

I’ve healed myself from major accidents nineteen times over the years. I asked Spirit
why I keep having these serious accidents and they told me “I am my own guinea pig”.
This is how I’ve learned methods that no one else teaches. They aren’t mine, they are
of Spirit, but they’ve come through to heal and teach me how to heal myself so I could
serve others.

Over the years I’ve done healing sessions with tens of thousands of people, with results
like freedom from seizures, cancer disappearing, blot clots dissolving, to preventing job
loss from repeated debilitating pain. Many of my clients have gone on to find the work
they were actually meant to do because their limitations no longer stopped them.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the clients who’ve come to me for healing are often
healers themselves. They’ve suppressed these gifts, and that is part of why they needed
their own healing. They needed to restore all aspects of their sole in order to embrace
their gifts.

Spirit has told me, because I am getting older, I need to pass on all these healing
techniques I’ve been shown over the years. It’s time to share what they have shared
with me. I’m one person and I can only reach so many people, but if I can train others,
we can make more of an impact. I’ve been told that the world really needs healers
right now and that will only become more true in the future.
The more healers the better! I’ve recently developed extensive programs to train other
healers in the Awakened Healer Certification program, which uses the unique
God Light Transformation™ method I’ve been shown and mastered over the years.

Incidentally, I am certified in about 16 different methods and modalities of healing, or more.
I’ve enjoyed each piece of my journey. I find the approach Spirit has given me to be exactly
what my clients need to make a bigger difference in the world, heal themselves, and live on


Turning On Your Miracle Ignition Switch
    • How to Use Your Chakra ‘Compass’ to Identify and Heal the Real ‘Source’ of ‘Undiagnosed or Misdiagnosed’ Pain, Struggle, and Unhappiness
    • Which chakra you’ll need to clear first for instant relief
    • How to Create the ‘Chakra Vortex’ that CLEARS hidden energetic blocks
    • How to Rapidly Get In-Tune with Your Personal Wave of Abundance
    • How to Identify What’s Really Holding the Miracles You Deserve At Bay
    • How to Instantly IGNITE More Miracles in Your Life, In Days, Not Years
    • How to Get Clear, Let Go, and Let Your Spirit Do the Work for You
    • How to figure out what’s truly got you ‘stuck’ - (Hint: It’s not your physical reality—it’s your ‘energetic compass’)
    • How to get rid of any fear, and move forward with your life, easily and quickly
    • How to easily open the gates to guidance
    • Easily avoid manifesting pitfalls


Interview Questions
    • What brought you to this point was there a certain incident?
    • So you actually developed your own form of healing and you are intuitively guided by spirit is that correct?
    • You started laying hands on people when you were 12, what was your experience with that?
    • You see energy and are a certified medical intuitive, what led you to this?
    • What can someone expect in a session with you?
    • Are there things everyone should be doing to have a healthier energy system?
    • You have had a lot of varied training, but spirit and your guides have always led your sessions, so have they taught you things that are new or aren't being taught at this time?
    • When you do a session you ask people not to tell you anything, why is that?
    • What are some of your favorite healing stories or testimonials?
    • When it comes to your energy what is the most important thing we can do ourselves?


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elle-gulotta2“I received a beautiful healing from Mary Beth this morning that specifically addressed my current fears and blocks surrounding the development of my intuitive gifts. Her instincts and ability to tune into my body energetically and move the energy as needed were deeply felt and my session with her was absolute perfect timing. Spirit sent me a message last week, “Don’t be afraid to let go”, and Mary Beth was instrumental in assisting me to release my self-doubt and embrace my worthiness about owning my power and gifts from God.  And, she provided me follow up tips to continue on my path of wholeness. Thank you, Mary Beth!” 

– – Elle Gulotta, Seattle, WA

katkelly-133x150“I have been in excruciating pain since the first part of August 2012, for about 6 weeks, in my left knee. Marybeth did a distant healing on me and 2 days later my  knee started feeling better and six weeks later has remained healed. I was surprised. I have always been a believer in Prayer and now I’m a firm believer in Energy Healing. Thank you so much, Marybeth.”

– –  Kat Kelly, Apple Valley, MN

sherrysexton-150x150“Mary Beth is one of the most compassionate and genuine people I know. She has the intuition to tap into specific areas of your body, the chakras, and pinpoint the issues that are worth investigating; even giving you the knowledge as to where you can find resources or supplements. This was my first ever healing session and frankly, I was quite shocked when she said, “Just go lay down and relax”, no work on my end – even got a short nap! I was also skeptical, especially since we lived in totally opposite parts of the country. The results astounded me, Mary Beth was spot on when she explained what was going on in my body, and then it made perfect sense to me. I would highly recommend Mary Beth to anyone looking to get the answers as to, ‘Why do I feel this way?’”

- - Sherry Sexton, CEO of Imagine Coaching, LLC
, Business Consultant and Social Media Rockstar
, California

“MaryBeth is a gifted healer.  She has the ability to connect over distance and go deep to the heart of issues, both physical and emotional.  Her gentle approach provides a deeply relaxing experience followed by useful and insightful feedback.
She offers practical advice that is invaluable in one’s journey of personal growth and I highly recommend Mary Beth as a healer.”

Hannah2-thumbnail2(Follow up from a few weeks later…)

“I wanted to send you a follow up so you can see just how much impact you have had on my life, just from that one short session! As we awaken, family issues will be coming up to many for clearing, and there is a particular need for your gift at this time. You are able to guide people to the places they need to heal, particularly to places they thought were ALREADY healed. This is happening now and I imagine you are going to be very busy for some time to come! Mary Beth is a guide for those who are ready to be free.  She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint areas that have already been healed – but where deeper healing is needed. For those who are ready to take full responsibility for their own lives, Mary Beth is like a mid-wife, guiding one past obstacles and into the light of a new world.” With deep gratitude and appreciation…”

– –  Hannah Thomas
, United Kingdom

michele-catoire-113x150-2“A healing with Mary Beth is a profound and powerful experience that can shift you in a new positive direction. I have experienced decreased pain, increased energy and more clarity in many areas. She is a very good teacher and shares all her thoughts and ideas as she does the work.  I have enjoyed the energy work and the healings I have encountered working with her and look forward to many more opportunities to work with her in the future."

– – Michele Catoire, 
North Bend, WA


tony-palacio-118x150“After my son left for college my wife, of 18 years, walked out of my life. I felt emptiness, alone and lost. I was skeptical but introduced myself to distant healing. During my first session I remember a warm comforting feeling extending itself through my body, a feeling of euphoria that I didn’t want to stop. It’s been and continues to be an amazing transformation. I continue to live through difficult situations but now in an absolute sense of peace. I then realized that the vertigo brought on by a stroke 22 years ago was gone.Thank you so much Mary Beth, you are an amazing person and powerful healer, you are truly a blessing.”

– –  Tony Palacio, W. St. Paul, MN


bonnie-pond2“I knew nothing about Reconnective Healing before my session with Mary Beth, but went into it with an open mind. At points during the session I felt a sensation of pressure, like hands pushing on different parts of my body, although this was a distant healing and I was alone in the room. There were fleeting images, bright colors, and a soft white light at times. Several times I had a pleasant feeling of excitement or expectation, almost a giddy sensation. This lasted even after the healing session was over. It was a very amazing, relaxing and peaceful experience.  After the session she explained areas of my body that she picked up on that had stagnant energy or needed some extra support. They were the same areas I had sensations in during the session. She took the time to teach me some exercises that I can do daily for energy and grounding.  Mary Beth cares deeply about helping people. She’s a smart, intuitive woman with a deep sense of compassion and a sincere commitment to helping people heal their bodies and their lives. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Mary Beth, do it. It’s well worth the investment in yourself and your future.”

– – Bonnie Pond, Fayetteville, TN


elizabeth-inda-lambaer2“Mary Beth is a powerful and gifted healer/channeler. She is able to work on people virtually (from anywhere in the world) and clear out old energies that no longer serve  them. She is patient, kind and very helpful. If you are ready to clear out the blocks that have been standing in the way of what you want to manifest in your life, I highly recommend her services.”

– – Dr. Elizabeth Inda Lambaer, Los Angeles, CA

mary-lydia2“My recent session with Mary Beth of Creekside Wellness Center was focused on helping me with grounding which I have greatly needed. I was intrigued and delighted by the results. Mary Beth’s intuitive gifts run deep, enabling her to really be in tune with what my needs are. This particular session facilitated an energetic shift moving me on to a better place that I am grateful for. Additionally, Mary Beth’s sincerity and love of this work is refreshing. She is wonderful to be around and her good energy is contagious.”
– – Mary Lydia Ryan Holt, Seattle, WA


abbey-fatica2“When I had my energy healing session with Mary Beth, I didn’t know what to expect. I was intrigued by the results that I was given. Two that really stuck out to me  even weeks later are food issues with dairy and fear of success.  The minute that I became pregnant with my 3rd child, I had a reaction to dairy products and it was really interesting that Mary Beth was able to pick that up from so far away. Another aspect that I was curious about exploring further is my fear of success. I do sometimes worry about this because I know that with success I will have to spend more time away from my children. It’s been several weeks since my session and I still think about the things that Mary Beth brought up that she read from my energy and find that many of them are very true. Thanks you Mary Beth for this eye opening experience!”

– – Abbey Fatica, Owner and CEO Columbus, Ohio, Living Your MoMent/ LivingYourMoment.com

paul-mammen-150x116“Mary Beth is an extremely gifted energy worker here in the Pacific Northwest. Mary Beth is extremely intuitive and her passion for her work and her compassion towards her clients come through during each session you are lucky enough to have with her. She has the ability to see, feel and work with energy and has an uncanny knack for knowing how to bring amazing results in even the first session. She is able to do all of this in a fun and non-stressful manner that leaves you wanting to come back for more. I will continue to seek her services on a regular basis and enjoy recommending her to friends and family as well.”

– – Paul Mammen, Richmond Beach, WA, 
Reiki Master/Teacher, 
Toltec Master


I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU Mary Beth for the incredible visit and session. I was amazed at the things you knew (without even knowing ME) and was truly moved by your healing. I arrived feeling "blocked" and "stuck" and left feeling "open" and "cleared". I had an amazing epiphany on my way home from leaving your office-and I know it was because you truly "cleared" me. You truly have a gift and I'm grateful and thankful that I was able to work with you. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again! If anyone is considering a visit of any type with Mary Beth, don't put it off. She is a true Angel and it shows in her work! Hugs!

– – Betty Skinner, Bremerton, WA


My daughter recently passed after an eight plus year struggle with Breast Cancer.  The last three and half years she was very ill and I was not working due to the amount of care she required. At the start of the journey in 2010 and after doing a lot of energy work, I felt better that I had in over 20 years.  The situation as her only care taker was very draining and I eventually took many steps backward.  I started working with Mary Beth after my daughter passed.  I heard her speak on an online seminar.  I have worked with quite a few healers and I was so pleased with the session that I have now had 3 sessions.  The situation with my daughter and our relationship was complicated and I had come to understand what was going on energetically.  It was nice that Mary Beth validated it for me and worked on both our energy fields so my daughter and I could both move on.  I got a lot out of our conversation and understood why blocks were there in the first place.  I am finding it takes work to keep your energy field in good working order.  Mary Beth gives you pointers and things you can do yourself which I found very helpful.

-- Cindy Miller, Texas


"I love Mary Beth and she truly is amazing and a gifted healer. She has helped me get healthy when doctors couldn't. She really is a gift from God. She has really helped me heal and grow. Because the doctors couldn't help me I don't know where I would be without Mary Beth. She also trained me in Reiki I and II and I am doing the Reiki Master training soon. I cannot say enough good things about Mary Beth. She has changed my life for the better."

- - Robin Bowerman, University Place, WA


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again for all your help and healing.  I'm so excited about the changes I am "feeling" am looking forward to seeing you again."

- - Betty 😉


"I just got finished doing the Reiki Hormone Balancing Healing Session you included in the package and all I can say is WOW.  What an incredible session.  I felt all the energy work being done and it was amazing. Thank you so much for the wonderful package.  I look forward to going through the rest of the package!  It is exactly what I needed."  

- - Marie, UK

"Oh My God, my whole body was pulsating and I felt hands on me while lying alone in my house during her Remote Chakra Clearings. That was the most intense energy I have ever felt during an activation or healing session. Amazing."

- - Patricia, MD


"Talked to my dad for the first time in 12 years after my session with Mary Beth. All the anger and pain I felt my whole life just vanished. She is like a miracle worker."

- - Barbara Johnson, Florida

"Mary Beth, I want to thank you that because of your clearings my pain is gone."

- - 
Maliha, Texas


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